About The Nigerian Open Data Access


The Nigeria Open Data Access (NODA) is a portal that provides its users with full access and rights to open data which includes government, social, demographics, geospatial, environmental, infrastructural, agricultural, transportation and economic data.

This access is aimed at improving civic engagements, research and development, development of innovative solutions focused on local issues, development of a sustainable and smart environment.


Nigeria open data access has a vision to become Africa’s LARGEST, most ROBUST and SCALABLE Data Repository that will facilitate universal access to data (Open Data), promote civic engagements, and processes.


  • Provide a web platform called the Nigeria Open Data for accessing various data from a single point to all that need it and have the rights to use it.
  • Develop a platform that facilitates innovative processes by providing APIs that are interoperable with existing technologies to be accessed by individuals in the formal and informal sector.
  • Establish different local community driven network of individuals for data collection processes.
  • Develop profitable partnerships with Public and Private bodies, Telco’s, Social good Initiatives, and regulators to ensure comprehensive industry approach to Data Integrity (DI).

We are looking forward to working with a network of free spirited, motivated and passionate result oriented individuals and organizations that supports our vision and philosophy in making our course a reality. We have an array of possible ways in which you can be a part of this project which we have explicitly highlighted below:

Be a Volunteer

You can join our network of volunteers that are committed to ensuring the availability of quality data to the masses. Our volunteers engage in activities like data sourcing, data collation, data wrangling, data hacking, data analysis and information extraction and presentation. They also assist in mentoring new volunteers assisting in trainings and mobilization programmes.

Be a Partner

Our partnership model fits organizations whose major goal is to support openness to information and civil engagement. We are looking forward to have you and your organization becoming a part of us as we make this dream a reality.

Donate to Us

We are open to any form of donation either in cash or in kind and we can assure you that your substance will be used for that which it is meant for. Still interested? Kindly Contact us to further our discussion.